Assumption HS '79 Cookbook - Pearl Edition
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Assumption HS Class of '79 Cookbook Cover
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  • Soft cover
  • 288 black & white pages
  • 9 x 7 inches
  • 202 all-new recipes
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About the Cookbook

Annie and MarivicThe Assumption HS79 Cookbook, Pearl Edition is out, with over 200 all-new recipes from 100 members of Assumption HS79, in celebration of their Pearl Jubilee in 2009. Produced by Marivic Puyat Limcaoco and Annie Lim Kawpeng, the Pearl Edition was compiled with kitchen-tested recipes over a span of three years.

Net proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Jubilee fund of HS79, which is earmarked for charities of the Assumption Alumnae Association as well as campus improvement.

A Short History
A few years before 1979, Bingle Razon Puyat’s class was approaching their HS Silver Jubilee homecoming or what all Assumption girls refer to as their "Velada." As an Assumption tradition, Silver Jubilarians sing and dance at their velada, scheduling many days of mini-reunions (aka "practice") in preparation for the two-hour show. Being "shy" and not wanting to dance, Bingle thought of other ways to participate in her velada, and came up with the idea of compiling a little booklet of recipes from her classmates. This was during the pre-Internet/pre-desktop publishing days, so she wrote letters to old classmates from all over the world, and in return, they snail-mailed their handwritten recipes. Bingle’s daughter Marivic, a senior in high school then, helped type up the recipes in preparation for publishing.

Assumption High School Class of 54 CookbookThis first booklet was warmly received by all her classmates so fifteen year later later, Bingle produced an updated edition for her Ruby Jubilee. This time, the book was fancier, with a nostalgia-inspired cover featuring the Assumption Herran campus in a vignette. A touching poem in Fiipino, originally written by Bingle's classmate Eduarda Macarinas for their HS54 yearbook, appears on the inside back cover page and a black and white photo of their class is also on the back cover. Both HS54 cookbooks are now collectors’ items, as they are out of print.

Two years before Marivic's own velada in 2004, the idea that was born in her mind 23 years ago was still just an idea until she mentioned it at one of their regular class reunions. Classmate Annie Lim Kawpeng, being a cooking enthusiast, got all excited and volunteered to kitchen-test and edit all recipe contributions. The project was officially off the ground when a call for recipes was made through their class e-group. Recipes were tested and approved by Annie as they trickled in, while Marivic prepared for publishing by engaging two professionals-- Lita Puyat, for the cover design and photography, and Lizza Gutierrez for the design of the inside pages. The book was published by Marivic and Annie and in December 2003, The Assumption HS79 Cookbook was formally launched with much fanfare at a big party hosted by Marissa Orosa Concepcion, also of HS79. Attended by close to 400 guests, the party featured a buffet of over 40 dishes brought by the recipe contributors themselves.

The cover of the first Assumption HS79 Cookbook (now fondly referred to as the Silver Edition) gives prominence to the famed Assumption Tart. Nostalgic pictures of HS79 girls are peppered throughout the book, and anecdotes accompany each of the 145 recipes. The book is in its third print run, and although initially sold only at Christmas bazaars and the Assumption College campus in San Lorenzo Village, it is now available at leading bookstores. No future printing is planned for the Silver Edition now that the Pearl Edition is out, so it will soon be a collector's item too.

The Cookbook Team
Joining Marivic and Annie in this book is writer and editor Lisa Mapua (also of HS79) who copy edited the content. Communications consultant Therese Ng's  (HS90) main job was originally book design and layout, but it has now grown to include designing this website and starting the Facebook fan page.   Therese's husband, Erik Lacson, shot the cover photo (and also ate everything he shot).